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Welcome to the HAAS InDigital website

2016-2017 School Year

We are no longer accpting student for the 2016-2017 school year.  Interested families can complete the student interest form located  in our application process in order to be placed on the waitlist.  Our lottery process for the 2017-2018 school year begins in February 2017.



Online Tutoring

HAAS InDigital now subscribes to  Students can access English, math, history and science help 24 hours 7 days a week at


Parent and student quotes

Welcome to HAAS InDigital

HAAS InDigital, one of Hawai’i Academy of Arts and Science (HAAS) Public Charter School’s Distance programs, offers a grade 7-12 virtual and hybrid school.  All HAAS InDigital’s curriculum is online allowing students access to their classes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are located in at the HAAS Main Campus.  See Contact Us tab for directions.


What makes HAAS InDigital different from a standard virtual school?

One of the biggest differences between HAAS InDigital and other online schools is that we offer a classrom location for students to come and work each school day. InDigital also has highly qualified teachers ready to meet with students and help them with their coursework. We also offer a variety of opportunities for HAAS InDigital students to socialize: (1) Students can work on-site four plus days a week.  (2) Students can eat breakfast and lunch at main campus  (3) On-Site Student Collaborative Days offer time to work with other HAAS InDigital students.  (4) HAAS InDigital students can sign up to take face-to-face electives such as art, ensamble, and other electives offered at the HAAS main campus. 

We offer a variety of services to aid student achievement: (1) Daily on-site and/or virtual help hours with HAAS InDigital teachers, (2) After-hour virtual tutoring creates 24 hour a day 5 day a week help options for HAAS InDigital students, (3) Summer school opportunites for students that are credit deficient or want to get ahead.

Who is involved in the program?

1. Students

Each year, HAAS InDigital offers motivated self-directed learners (grades 7-12) the chance to take responsibility for their education and attend school from anywhere with high-speed internet access. Successful self-directed virtual students are actively learning: working online 4 to 5 days a week for 4 to 5 hours a day, meeting and/or exceeding minimum progress requirements, posting and/or emailing required assignments in a timely manner, attending collaborative virtual and/or onsite activities, requesting and/or meeting for needed virtual and/or on-site tutoring with teacher, and attending quarterly InDigital Meetings.

2. Parents and/or Guardians

High-quality InDigital Mentors (parents or guardian) are actively involved: setting and/or checking daily progress requirements, offering aid when student is struggling, regularly communicating with the teachers, and attending quarterly InDigital Meetings when necessary.

3. Teachers

The InDigital teachers are actively involved: assessing, reviewing curriculum, monitoring student progress, updating mentors and students regarding progress, offering individual (virtual and/or on-site) tutoring, leading collaborative (virtual and/or on-site) lessons, organizing quarterly (virtual or on-site) field trips, reviewing and/or correcting assignments, and leading InDigital Meetings.


InDigital Teachers

4. Courseware

InDigital currently uses Acellus,a video based program for instruction, with Google Classroom for non-video assignments. 


What is required?

HAAS InDigital requires a high speed internet connection.  The majority of HAAS InDigital's core content curriculum is online (lessons, quizzes, tests and projects) with bare minimum progress requirements.  Assignment due dates can be modified for a student who wants to complete courses and/or high school earlier than his/her graduation rate.  Quarterly InDigital Meetings can be scheduled to discuss student's strengths, needs, and goals.  Elective credits are fulfilled through online offerings, independent project(s) and/or face to face eletives on the main campus.  Community Service requirements are fulfilled independent project(s).

Applying to HAAS InDigital

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